• Multi-Screen Mobile

    Keep it simple and consistent across all your mobile devices.

    As consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions, they are learning to use these devices together to achieve their goals. We help you get there.

  • Reuse and Adapt

    Extend and Repurpose Your Investment

    Take what you already have, extend it, and adapt it for multi-screen delivery. Reduce rollout costs and minimize disruption.

  • Server-Side Solutions

    PHP, XML, JSON, and MySQL

    Link your back-end systems to your multi-screen experience with secure data feeds leveraging publishing platforms.


    Responsive Design

    Adapts perfectly for all devices

    Our responsive designs work perfectly on all device resolutions and screen sizes.

SmartAir mobile and digital media services.

SmartAir Services

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Content Management Systems (CMS)

    SmartAir leverages open source Content Management Systems (CMS) to deliver mobile and desktop Web content within mobile apps and for a dedicated Web presence. Our solutions give you the maximum flexibility, solid upgrade paths, and are able to be administered independently.

  • Security Services

    Security Services

    Our team will audit your server security and identify security risks and weaknesses. A report will be created and a series of recommendations will be provided. SmartAir will work closely with your organization to implement security improvements and enhancements.

  • iPhone Apps

    iPhone Apps

    Our philosophy and design approach differs from many of our competitors. We develop apps that are sustainable, adaptable, upgradeable, with a longer shelf life. SmartAirMedia builds our applications intelligently so they can be quickly and effective updated so they remain current and flexible. We never hard-code elements and rely on server interaction to update settings and configurations using XML and JSON technologies every step of the way.

  • PHP Server-Side Scripting & MySQL

    PHP Server-Side Scripting & MySQL

    SmartAir is always one step ahead of the competition in our application of web design technologies, user interface design, and digital media production. We combine clean and elegant user interface design with diverse digital media and leverage Open Source technologies every step of the way.